Community Builders

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“We are getting people working again so there is economic growth, social assistance, and more housing.”

When I asked Brandon Day, co-founder, about the impact of Community Builders, this was his answer. Community Builders is a social enterprise, creating community, work and education in Minesing ON. Day explained that he and like-minded people asked the question, “What would the construction sector look like if it was a little kinder and a little more connected?”

Community Builders undertakes construction and renovations at above-standard quality while also providing extra training, resources, and social assistance for employees. Community Builders is multi-faceted: first, there is the construction side and secondly, training for people who face obstacles to help them to work on a team and to grow. The organization provides employment, training and the tools for sustainable work.

Talking with Brandon, it was easy to see that Community Builders encompasses several UN Sustainable Development Goals. Community Builders demonstrates: Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and finally Quality Education. Community Builders provides economic growth by providing high quality construction work at fair prices. They employ people and help them with the skills to maintain a job. They are a leader of industry, innovation, and infrastructure within their city by creating a culture of kindness and connection that builds community. This demonstrates innovation because the construction sector is often not known for being an environment of kindness and connection. They are an excellent representation of quality education as they provide not just the tools of working within construction, but also show their employees essential life skills that are outside normal job training. For example, they provide conflict resolution training and teach employees how to budget.

It is apparent that the people who benefit from Community Builders are not just the clients but the builders themselves. It was touching to hear the stories of employees who proudly went home to share with their families that they have a stable job and the tools for success.  This organization can teach Canada and the world how to create connections and kindness within a job sector, while teaching people everyday skills so they can be successful. It should serve as an example for other organizations as it puts people above profit and makes a positive impact on society. Many organizations and industries could benefit from the example Community Builders sets. It is exciting to see where Brandon and Community Builders are headed; this social enterprise has enormous potential for growth.