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Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if everyone was treated equally? Even though it’s a state that most people in the community desire to reach, not enough businesses give opportunities to people with physical and intellectual restrictions. Certex Canada is located in Quebec and, for over 29 years, the company’s primary mission has been to establish a positive work environment and see the social impacts and benefits inside their own businesses. In addition, their aim is to give a second life to clothes and objects that are neglected by their first-time buyers. They operate a donation centre and a thrift store in Saint-Hubert.

For those of us in the middle class, it’s easy to find a job, whether it’s a small job at a local store or a higher paying job. However, individuals who have mental or physical difficulties are not considered for integration into most enterprises. That is because it is human nature for people to put themselves first and not think about others with disabilities.

Certex - ImageThe workers at Certex Canada benefit from social acceptance and respect. Their life is changed because they now have the chance to find a job without experiencing discrimination. And they gain confidence which can help them develop new skills. Indeed, equality among workers is mandatory in this company because it has a big impact on their community.

Certex also offers a second chance for clothes and objects that have been thrown away; this helps solve environmental issues that have been around for years. Reusing products helps reduce waste. Second-hand products represent responsible consumption and production because they are reused products. This, in turn, fosters more responsible consumption of textiles. In brief, this workplace supports the UN sustainable development goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. The employees are well paid and have the chance to work in good conditions with a collective labour agreement.

The biggest impact of Certex is that they offer a good working environment for those who are discriminated against because of their differences. This has a large positive impact in their lives because some employees thought that they would never be able to work and get paid like regular people.

Certex - ImageHaving the opportunity to interview the Certex Company had an impact on how I perceive the world. We don’t necessarily realize that there are people in society who are rejected because of their lack of certain capabilities. It is fascinating that this company values the integration of the minority and respects them by giving them good work that is well paid. Also, it’s a good solution to climate change to reduce both clothing and product waste. I hope other companies will adopt this method of processing.