The Blue Mountains Creative Space

The Blue Mountains Creative Space - Image

Most generations enjoy technology, but what if you want to create, explore, learn, and research, all in an inclusive environment. The Blue Mountains Creative Space is a mobile digital arts lab that allows all ages to have access to technology featuring iMacs, iPads, cameras, and much more.

This enterprise was launched in the town of the Blue Mountains and has now spread its services to other communities in South Georgian Bay. It allows people to express their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in an artistic way, creating an open approach to help to maintain a safe, creative, educational environment. With a positive impact upon many, they continue to guide and encourage individuals to tell the stories they always wanted to tell.

The Creative Space allows you to illustrate your own story in many different ways with music, photos and much more. This experience can expose you to many different skills and assets, fostering knowledge of digital media, and allowing growth, personally and socially.

At the Creative Space, they are working to further expand and provide access in many different locations. They have become a multi-branch library system, with a thriving museum and gallery, catering to ever-changing interests and the needs of a diverse population. They are fulfilling the UN Developmental Goals, 1. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 2. Reducing Inequalities 3. Sustainable Cities & Communities.

The Creative Space targets and addresses both local and global issues. By expanding the reach of digital arts learning and the need for remote delivery, it addresses the lack of engagement within different communities. Focusing on the impact this has on many of us, Blue Mountains Creative Space supports us with their technology, and their wonderful experiment promises enjoyment.