Factry: School of the Creative Sciences

La Factry - Image

Don’t you think that establishing a school to teach creativity is rather gutsy? And yet, creativity should be taught in every school! Factry is a school that challenges traditional education while transforming the job market. It’s goal is to help build a better world and ensure that the job market is properly adapted to the next generation.

Why is it important to challenge traditional education? Because we live in a world of constant change. It is illogical to think that future generations will adapt to our current world when it is they who represent the future. By championing a much more egalitarian and open-minded approach, Factry aims to provide quality education to the next generation and to companies wanting to benefit from their creativity.

Factry offers several types of training for students and current workers. It promotes a fair enrolment process to give everyone a chance to participate in its training programs. This approach allows people from a variety of backgrounds to meet each other and discover different perspectives that would not normally be available. For example, an engineer could work with a painter to find solutions during a workshop. This enables both participants to look at the world in a totally different way.

Having had the opportunity to attend a training session at Factry, I can confirm that, for once, I felt that everyone’s voice was being heard and valued. We each have a very distinct background and deserve to be listened to. Factry gives everyone a chance to express themselves and flourish in a healthy and creative atmosphere. The types of workshops given are highly formative and cover many interesting subjects. The workshops also helped me assert myself and develop who I am by allowing me to interact with other students and professionals from diverse backgrounds. The topics discussed in the training sessions are critical to shaping a better world.

Factry teaches essential skills to solve problems that are often too big to solve on our own. To list some of the values that are championed by Factry: creativity, collaboration, openness, equality and inclusiveness. Each of these values should be encouraged more in our traditional schools. They are critical values in a world that is constantly changing, and are even more important during large-scale challenges such as the global pandemic. We need to reinvent ourselves and be ready for any potential change. Factry gives us the tools to deal with these changes.


Now it’s your turn to learn how to find creative and innovative solutions to today’s challenges!