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 Call for stories: Help us collect inspiring social innovation stories from across Canada for Humans of Impact Digital Platform all students invited to participate! 

 Could you use an extra $100 at this time in the semester? 

 Do you have a passion for learning about important social enterprises in your community — innovative ventures that build a better community and support social, economic and environmental well-being for all? Consider joining our team that is collecting stories to add to the Stories – Humans of Impact (HOI). Digital Platform. 


Curates stories of social enterprises as told by students from the member organizations of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

 HOI is a digital platform to share social enterprise stories curated from campuses and communities across Canada as told by students. Inspired by the Humans of New York initiative, the goal is to present compelling digital stories told by students about Social Enterprises in their local communities. Our purpose is to build the capacity of Canadian colleges and students to understand the importance of social enterprises as a vehicle to build more just and equitable societies and their link to the sustainable development goals. We do this grounded in the fact that the best knowledge base on social entrepreneurship does not reside inside our institutions, but in our communities inside the amazing social enterprises that make our communities better every day. We want to celebrate them, learn from them and empower the next generation to follow their lead in building a better world. 

As you browse the website, consider adding stories to Humans of ImpAct ( through the online submission form, by contacting CICan or a Project Working Group member. By sharing stories and best practices across Canada, colleges and institutes can collectively strengthen our impact in growing social entrepreneurship to foster responsible business development and equitable economic growth that Leaves No One Behind. 

All stories that are accepted for upload to the site will result in a $100 payment to the submitting students for the first 25 published stories. The deadline is now June 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.! 

How do you participate? See the requirements below. 

Read all guidelines and submit your stories using the online submission form or by directly contacting CICan or a member of the Project Working Group.

Students, Social Enterprise and Storytelling: An Experiential Learning Opportunity for Students 

Requirements of Student Participation: 

Thank you for participating in the Humans of ImpAct project! You will receive $100 for your participation in all steps of the process, and this will be paid upon completion of the following steps and actions. 

Students agree to complete the following steps and associated actions: 

Step 1 – Sign Up and Training 

  • Access this link with resources for your story 
  • Review this document and all other introductory information in the site 
  • On the site, you can access training that covers Social Enterprise 101, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and Digital Storytelling. 

Step 2 – Connecting with a Social Enterprise 

  • You will connect with a social enterprise to interview in a format of their choosing 
  • The site will provide you with an interview template to follow and you will take notes from the representative of the social enterprise that you speak with 
  • You will spend time before and/or after the interview doing some additional research on the social enterprise and how it may connect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Step 3 – Creating Your Digital Story 

  • You will access a storytelling template to use as a foundation for your story about your social enterprise and how it connects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • You will write a story based on the content of your interview (400 – 500 words) and your own insights that you have learned through the process 
  • Your story will be submitted on time and reviewed for publishing on the Humans of ImpAct website 

Step 4 – Reimbursement 

  • Upon completion, students will receive $100 payment for their successful completion of a published story!     

ImpAct is backed by      funding from the McConnell Foundation and under the patronage of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. 

Social Entrepreneurship Project Working Group members. 

  • Kevin Holmes (co-chair), Algonquin College 
  • Suzie Addison-Toor, Georgian College 
  • Viviane Martel, Collège Édouard-Montpetit Megan Shapka, Lethbridge College 
  • Brett Sharman, Confederation College 
  • Sheri Williams, Nova Scotia Community College 
  • Joelle Vachon Cégep Édouard-Montpetit