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Kear’s is run by Rose Guillemette, a determined 22 year old woman. Her business consists of creating clothing that is made from recycled materials. Kear’s sells women’s and men’s swimwear, sandals, t-shirts, coats, hats and even toques. Its products are mainly made from fishing nets, plastic water bottles, textile scraps and industrial scraps.

In the first few months of the company’s existence, it has managed to recycle over 15,000 plastic water bottles, not including scrap and fishing nets. To date, it has successfully recycled over 50,000 plastic water bottles from the oceans. Kear’s main goal is to recycle and reuse as much material as possible. Rose’s business is having a major impact on the community since she is recycling materials salvaged from the oceans.

Rose also champions environmental values that have an impact on the management of her business. She tries to run her company with as little waste as possible. At the age of 11, she already knew she was going to open a clothing company. Her life changed after a school trip to Guatemala City. She noticed the amount of garbage on the street. While studying fashion marketing she learned how polyester is made. And through her classes, she found a way to recycle polyester. After more than a year of searching, in 2018 she found suppliers and factories that were producing fabric from recycled materials. She wondered,


“Why haven’t other companies thought about producing fabric from recycled materials instead of using new ones?” So, she launched her online store, in 2018.

This young, self-reliant woman had to set up her website and make her products available online without help; she learned how in baby steps. The majority of her online orders come from Québec, but she also delivers to the United States, Finland, England and Australia. Her clothes are of very high quality: the fabric is very soft with amazing colours, and they are very comfortable. This young woman says that she doesn’t see the point of creating clothes just for the sake of creating. She wants to makes something better than what already exists.


Rose says that the expression she often repeats to herself is: “Always enjoy your life journey because even though sometimes there are difficult moments, they always lead you to something positive.” It is by getting through tough times that we evolve and learn. Without them, you would not be the person you are today.