Placemaking 4G

Before being introduced to this project, I had never been familiar with a social enterprise nor even heard of one. After spending time discussing with a local social enterprise recruiting firm (Placemaking 4G) in Halifax with co- founder, Matt Thompson, I was instantly inspired by their love and commitment to making their community a better place and their willingness to provide opportunities for employment for young adults, primarily those in marginalized groups.

Placemaking 4G origins started by three people wanting to change the world, and collectively getting together to do so. Thompson, along with co-founders Bradley Daye and Lauren Sears, were all working in accounting and finance and thought they were motivated by success in the corporate world.

They noticed that young, employable adults in their province were dwindling and there was pertinent youth out migration which led to employers not being able to find talent. The group was motivated by the Ivany Report- which showed that the youth out migration had been happening for decades.

Placemaking 4G was formed with the prospect of a successful future for Nova Scotia. The trio wanted to ignite action and purpose on both the recruiters and the employee’s side. Being the only Community Interest company in Atlantic Canada, they must invest 60% of their profits back into the community, you can tell how passionate Matt and his colleagues themselves are about igniting action.

Reinvesting in the community is realigning with their purpose. They have placed dozens of people in companies in Nova Scotia and Ontario, and more than 60% of these people are from marginalized groups which is a big item of importance says Thompson.

They have partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia, Halifax Libraries, Habitat for Humanity and have paired people from administrative work to CEOs of companies. Most recently they purchased tablets for children in Uniacke Square, which houses children living in public housing.

“They were told to learn from home but didn’t have the opportunity to do so because they didn’t have the devices available to them.” says Thompson.

The United Nations has 17 sustainable development goals which are designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.” Placemaking 4G connects to these goals very clearly as they are passionate about igniting change and ensuring equal opportunities in the workforce, as well as wanting to encourage their community to thrive and not fall victim to youth out migration.

With their commitment to their province and a desire to pair potential employees with a job where they are treated well and work in a healthy and progressive working environment, Placemaking 4G meets the requirements to the eighth goal of the United Nations sustainable development goals. The goal is decent work and economic growth.

As previously mentioned, Placemaking 4G is concerned about youth out migration and wants to ensure there are ample jobs in the province and decent work. Before placing an individual with an employer, Placemaking 4G does their due diligence and research companies before they recruit people to work at these businesses.

Placemaking 4G has also partnered with the Federal government to help with revamping their recruitment policies.