Superior Seed Producers

Super Seed Producers

Growing and planting crops have been around since the dawn of time. Superior Seed Producers, a collective of Thunder Bay area growers, has made it their mission. The main purpose of their organization is,


“To promote the saving and distribution of locally adapted, sustainably grown, open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds in Northwestern Ontario.”

Super Seed ProducersThey grow and save seeds which they make available to their community through seed swaps and seed sales. They also educate others about how and why to save seeds.

They offer regionally adapted seeds for sale to the community. Superior Seed Producers are always working on improving the quality of the seeds, breeding new seed varieties, and growing new types of seeds well suited to the needs of northern gardeners. In a way, they hope to be able to grow their community of seed savers and growers in the years to come.

Super Seed ProducersSuperior Seed Producers have their roots in their niche market of gardeners and farmers. At the start of the pandemic, Superior Seed Producers were able to help community members who could not buy seeds since they sold out in almost every store. They stepped up and provided seeds for people who otherwise would not have them. One of the main issues that they battle against is the politics of seeds. Not many people realize there are issues with big corporations buying and patenting seeds, so farmers have to buy those seeds instead of using the same ones that they have grown and used for centuries.

This quote best sums up Superior Seed Producers. “Profit has never been the goal.” Superior Seed Producers strives to offer seed growers a good price for the seed that they produce and works with other businesses to share the importance and knowledge of seed saving. They have a huge impact on the community, from teaching people about how to save seeds, to supporting a diverse community of ages and backgrounds who are now growing seeds together with a common goal.