Ungalli Clothing Co.

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Did you know your choice of clothing impacts the planet and the health of others? Many people are unaware of the issues in the Fashion Industry; Clothing is mass-produced for cheap to keep up with the trends of the modern day. Most of the clothing people get rid of is thrown into our dumps. As a result, there is an overflow of garbage because more clothes are being made than we can dispose of. The synthetic fibers, used to make clothes, take many years to decompose in landfills and releases methane, a greenhouse gas. This would make sense why the Fashion Industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions.

Not only does the Fashion Industry impact the planet but also to the lives of people who are in developing countries producing the clothes. These employees are paid low wages and work in unsafe conditions. They also often work unregulated hours and do not have job security.

Ungalli Clothing Co. is a Social Enterprise that commits its time to making people aware of this issue to help promote a cleaner and safer approach to the Fashion Industry. Their solution is to turn to Plastic bottles and Recycled polyester to produce Clothing.

Ungalli is a successful enterprise because of its significant action that reflects the United Nations sustainable development goals: Climate change, Responsible consumption and production, and Good health and well-being.

By Purchasing a T-Shirt from Ungalli, you will save approximately ten water bottles from ending up in our landfills. You will also lessen the amount of polyester ending up in our landfills that contribute to climate change.

Ungalli ensures that all their employees are in safe and fair working environments. They try to change how the Fashion Industry gets their clothes by educating people and promoting change.

I think this company is creating a positive impact by educating people on our fashion industry’s realities. A lot of the information I found was surprising and I was unaware of the problems beforehand. Investing in Ungalli Clothing Co. ensures that we help others and the planet. Their company is more than just clothes with a logo on it. It is a symbol of the impact and awareness we are spreading to change the world. It is a statement to the world to make a change.